about me

Ever since I can remember I've doodled, sketched, and painted.  I've always loved reading science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, thrillers, and within the last few years, young adult fiction - especially if zombies are involved.  I've written my own stories since I was a kid, too, and my computer's hard drive is full of half-written stories that are easily pushing 30 years old.  Since I'm often distracted by shiny objects and random thoughts, I can never seem to finish writing any of them. 

And finally, when we were kids my siblings, cousins, and I would write short (stupid) skits which we would act out and record with our dads' boomboxes on cassette tapes, using a collection of sound effect LPs to mimic our favorite olde timey version of podcasts - CBS Radio Mystery Theater (this was back when everything you watched, listened to, and read was analogue.  I think even the video games back then were analogue, lol).  

The Very Nearly Dramatized Podcast is a way for me to combine my main interests into one project.  This project has been a labor of love, a source of frustration, and hopefully, a place to share in an entertaining way all of the crap I keep in the dusty corners of my mind - Dennis Taroy

Our Crew

Our Customer Service Rep and me

Our Catering Staff and me

Dan, our Vocal Booth Attendant

Our shuttle driver and me

Our Community Outreach Rep and me

OK, it's basically just me around here...

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